C H I L D C A R E (0 - 3 Years)
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Hello, World!

Help make our local schools ready for this fall!  From cleaning up the grounds to sprucing up the buildings to getting them ready to welcome students back, you can make a difference.  Gloves, rakes and any other yard tool would be helpful, if you can bring them.

Project #1: Little Warriors Preschool (Ages 4 & up)   ----> this is the only button that is changed. 

Project #2: Brookwood Elementary School (Ages 4 & up) 

Project #3: Ladd Acres Elementary School (Ages 4 & up) 

Project #4: Metzger Elementary School (Ages 4 & up) 

Project #5: Quatama Elementary School (Ages 4 & up) 

Project #6: Five Oaks Middle School (Ages 4 & up) 

Project #7: Mountain View Middle School (Ages 4 & up) 

Project #8: Aloha High School (Ages 4 & up) 

Project #9: Homeplate Youth Services (Ages 4 & up) -  This organization partners with transitional & homeless youth to help them succeed. Our goal will be to help spruce things up.  Yard tools & cleaning supplies would be helpful if you can bring them.

Project #10: Senior Care Facility (Ages 4 & up) -  Come help us brighten the day for seniors living in the Farmington Square Senior Care Facility in Beaverton.  This is a chance to hang out, show some love and do some fun activities with those who sometimes feel forgotten.

Project #11: Fairhaven Home (Ages 10 & up) -  Help us make some improvements at a home that partners with those transitioning from drug addiction & Alcoholism back into society.

Project #12: Wilcox Home (Ages 4 & up) -  We have an opportunity to be a big help to a single mom who is part of Westside and could use some help catching up on some much needed maintenance and repairs around her home.

Project #13: Saving Grace Maternity Home (Ages 4 & up)-  Help us do some major painting projects at the Saving Grace Maternity home that exists to provide refuge, hope and support to pregnant homeless teens and young woman.

Project #14: Show Some Love! (Ages 4 & up)-  Join this team if you like surprising folks in our community with random acts of kindness!  From paying for people's bill at The Dollar Tree, to plugging people's washing machines at the Laundromat with coins to handing out bus tickets at the bus station.  Come be a bright spot to those in our community who need a little love!

Project #15: Street Clean Up (Ages 10 & up)-  Help make our neighborhoods look nicer by cleaning up the sides of the road in our community.

Project #16: Forest Grove Senior Center (Ages 4 & up)-  Here's your chance to help the seniors in Forest Grove through simple projects.  From light yard cleanup to painting a shed.  Everything you do makes a difference!