8:15 AM
Media team huddle

8:30 AM
Leader huddle

9:00 AM

18550 SW Kinnaman Rd, Aloha, OR 97078

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

School Partnerships Projects

Help make our local schools ready for this fall!  From cleaning up the grounds to sprucing up the buildings to getting them ready to welcome students back, you can make a difference.  Gloves, rakes and any other yard tool would be helpful, if you can bring them.

Project #1: Aloha High School (Ages 4 & up) | led by Brandon Beach

Project #2: Beaverton High School (Ages 4 & up) | led by Doug Boyd

Project #3: Mt. View Middle School (Ages 4 & up) | led by Harold Kurt

Project #4: Sunset High School (Ages 4 & up) | led by Max Calderon

Project #5: Ladd Acres Elementary (Ages 4 & up) | led by Blake Patterson

Project #6: Little Warriors Preschool (Ages 4 & up) | led by Nick Tiffany

Community Projects

Project #7: Street Clean Up (ages 10 & up) | led by Tot Heffelfinger | Help make our neighborhoods look nicer by cleaning up the sides of the road in our community.

Project #8: Homeplate Youth Services (ages 4 & up) | led by Rick & Tanya Richards | This organization partners with transitional & homeless youth to help them succeed. Our goal will be to help spruce things up.  Yard tools & cleaning supplies would be helpful if you can bring them.

Project #9:  Random Acts of Kindness (ages 4 & up) | led by Katy Ridgway | Come help us brighten many lives by performing Random Acts of Kindness throughout our community.

Project #10: Childcare & Mexico Project (ages 4 & under) | led by Taylor Gustufson | Drop your child off, with a snack after the team rally, and while you serve on your project they will be working on their own projects that will be sent to encourage others.

Project #11:  Aloha Freshman Incoming Swag  (ages 4 & up) | led by Sue Roth & Shiela Shottenkirk | Come help us put swag bags together for the incoming freshman at Aloha and then go deliver bags to their houses.

Project #12:  Cop Hangout & Community Hot List (ages 4 & up) | led by Jim & Jennifer Toney | Help us create an environment where Police Officers can safely work on their reports, have a cup of coffee, and hang out while on duty.

Project #13:  Home Helpers (ages 4 & up) | led by Jeff Tracy | We have an opportunity to be a big help to a family who is a part of Westside and could use some help catching up on some much needed maintenance and repairs around their home.

Project #14:  Disabled Vet Home Care (ages 10 & up) | led by Ron Freeman & Devin Lenzi | Assist Veterans in our community who could us some help with projects.

Project #15:  Media Team (ages 10 & up) | led by Jessica Radie & Darcy Lenzi | Join our team of photographers and get assigned to one of the different projects to take photos during the project.